Register for CPA preparatory courses

To register for CPA preparatory courses, you must contact your provincial/regional CPA body. Find those contacts here.

CPA preparatory courses are nationally developed and provincially delivered.

Here is the contact information you can use to access information about registration in your province or region.



Beginning November 2019, you will have the opportunity to register for CPA preparatory courses and their corresponding examinations separately. This change will provide you with the flexibility to extend the length of time between the end of your course and the writing of the exam. In addition, for non-core courses, you will be able to register any day of the year, as these courses will no longer have specific start dates. After registering in a course, you can then select an examination date that best meets your needs and schedule. 

Refer to the CPA preparatory courses calendar for key core course dates and examination dates for core and non-core courses.