CPA Professional Education Program: Capstone modules

Learn about the capstone modules of the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP).

To fulfill the requirements of the CPA PEP, you must complete six modules—two core modules, two elective modules and two capstone modules. The capstone modules are culminating courses in which you demonstrate what you have learned over the course of the CPA PEP. Both modules are common to all CPA PEP candidates, and are taken after successful completion of the core and elective modules.


The capstone integrative module (Capstone 1) combines individual and group work, supported by written assignments and oral presentations. The use of teamwork enables candidates who chose different electives to experience working together to achieve a complete analysis. The written and oral components further develop the technical and enabling competencies gained in the preceding modules.

The capstone examination preparatory module (Capstone 2) has no module-specific examination since it immediately precedes the national Common Final Examination (CFE).

Dates for national capstone module offerings

The CPA PEP and CFE calendar provides the key dates for all CPA PEP modules as well as the Common Final Examination (CFE). Please contact your provincial/regional CPA body to see if these offerings are available in your area.