Andre Gargaro

Andre Gargaro is the leader of Cyber Risk for the Insurance sector within Deloitte Canada, and is a subject matter expert in Crisis Management. With more than 22 years of experience leading organizations towards cost-effective risk management processes, Andre steers large-scale security projects, assisting domestic and multi-national companies to overcome complex and technical challenges, while promoting changes in cyber-security culture and behavior.


His competencies include all aspects of information security and IT risk management, with emphasis on Security Strategy & Transformation, Security Policies, Procedures & Standards, Security & Data Governance, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery, Incident Response, Application Integrity, Identity & Access Management, Forensic, Cloud Security, Mobile Security, IT Audit, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test, Data Loss Prevention, Mergers, Acquisitions & Spin-offs, Regulatory Compliance, Security Certification and Third-party Assurance.


Andre has led more than 50 projects that focused on transforming cyber-security from a threat, to a potential for business expansion in Canada, Brazil, Latin America and the United States. On occasion, he also acted as interim CISO for Brazilian clients. Prior to joining Deloitte in Canada, Andre managed both Cyber Risk and Crisis Management in Brazil – a team of 120+ professionals, including other Partners, Directors, Senior Managers and Managers.


While most of his career is dedicated to organizations in the Banking and Insurance sectors, Andre also draws from experience within Telecom, Energy and Retail.


Andre believes in being strategic, secure, vigilant, and resilient at all times — not only looking at how to prevent and respond to cyber-attacks, but how to manage cyber-risk so that the full potential of businesses are unleashed, creating and protecting value for organizations.