Craig Devlin, CPA (Australia)

Craig is a 40-year veteran of the accounting profession.

Craig was originally a lecturer in accounting and commercial law before founding his own accounting business. This business grew rapidly to 18 staff and was sold in 1986. In 1990, he founded a new practice which eventually grew to 28 staff. After the successful sale of this business, Craig eventually founded a third (and final!) practice, which has now also been sold.

Craig is also an advisor to a number of successful companies where he provides high-level strategic advice either as a board member or as chair of the board. He is a qualified CPA (Australia), registered Australian Tax Agent, Chartered Secretary and a graduate of Melbourne University. He brings a wealth of experience (and a number of “war stories”) to the table.

As a 40-year veteran, he has seen it all and learned numerous valuable lessons along the way. Craig is dedicated to a practical, hands-on approach that is easy to follow and easy to understand.