Rick Timlick

Rick is an international executive and leadership coach. As an expert in performance management, Rick brings to his clients a distinguished record of achievement, having helped executives and leaders all over the globe. He has an extensive background in corporate business with 20 years of experience within and supporting leadership roles.

As an executive, Rick has held complete responsibility for P&L, strategic planning, operations, business development, marketing and sales management. He is recognized as a strong leader with the proven ability to develop relationships as a trusted advisor to boards of directors, CEOs and executive leaders. Rick helps his clients execute top-down organizational change that results in bottom-line profitability.

As a consultant, his work has included comprehensive organizational transformation, complex operational issues, advising senior executive teams, major process redesigns and strategic design for CEOs and boards.

Rick’s areas of focus include:

Leadership and strategy: strategic leadership, CEO and executive coaching, executive leadership training for improved performance, corporate strategic planning, and the creation of mission, vision and core values

Crisis and turnarounds: reviewing, consulting and developing crisis leadership plans at the board and CEO level; performing crisis mitigation for CEOs, deadlocked boards and senior corporate teams; leading, reviewing and developing turnaround strategies

Corporate performance improvement: customized development of disciplined management systems for improved execution and profitability; teaching and facilitating the implementation of foundational management disciplines on a company-wide level; deployment and execution of strategic and operational plans