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Industry disruptors shake up the conversation at Foresight’s first round table event

Watch video presentations on the future of knowledge sharing and data governance. Use the insights from these presentations to participate in our digital conversation.

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Seeing the world through a different lens

We need to unleash our imagination if we want to escape the tyranny of the present. Find out what happens when we switch our focus and ask different questions.

John Seely Brown, visiting scholar at USC and independent co-chairman of the Deloitte Centre for the Edge.

If there was an oracle who could see the world in 2030, what is the question that you would ask them about the information age that would help you to understand how the work we do might change?

The future is now

The emergence of AI is making it easier for us to think of job loss rather than job creation. Maybe it’s time to change our mindset?

Oren Berkovich, founder and CEO of Singularity University Canada 

Our economy is changing we are not capturing and/or measuring all of the activity in the system (for example human capital, natural capital, sharing economy, data). What implications might this have?

More data, more problems 

Data governance can mean different things to different people. Do we need to create a multilateral governance regime for data?

Rohinton Medhora, president, Centre for International Governance Innovation

Recognizing the changes in our communities, our economies and our world, in 2030, what could it look like to be a trusted and ethical professional?

Why playing leapfrog with AI is a losing game

If your organization hasn't gone digital by now, AI isn't going to help. Find out why it's too late. 

Sree Ramaswamy, partner, McKinsey Global Institute