COVID-19 financial literacy: I’m employed, but what about the future?

Employed but unsure about the future due to COVID-19? Are you an essential worker? Find out what is available and what you can do to prepare for any potential job loss.

In these uncertain times, having stable employment is one less thing to worry about but situations can change, and businesses that are strong today can struggle tomorrow. This is a good time to evaluate your financial house to ensure that should your employment status change, you and your family are protected. Take this opportunity to learn a few new financial habits that can prepare you for any crisis and elevate your financial knowledge to secure your future.


These webinars are made possible by the generous support of Canada Life, our national development sponsor.

Wellness in a time of crisis
The first half of the webinar focuses on financial fears including income and stability, stock market instability and having that “emergency fund.” The latter half tackles mental health challenges, covering topics like how to deal with news overload, isolation, working with children at home and how to access help when needed.

Journey out of debt after COVID-19
Learn how to take control of debt, assessing the amount of debt, dept repayment options and more.

Protecting yourself from fraud during COVID-19
Get tips on how to protect yourself from fraudsters during this crisis

Coping with stress during COVID-19
Learn how to take control of your stress during this uncontrollable time

Ten healthy habits to have during COVID-19 (French only)
Learn how the ten healthy habits of financial management will help you better manage your money during and after this crisis.


Mental wellness during a pandemic

Financial wellness and mental wellness are connected. It’s no secret that COVID-19 has left many individuals struggling mentally. Mary Ann Baynton, director of Strategy and Collaboration, Workplace Strategies for Mental Health, at Canada Life, helps us tackle these mental health hurdles by providing insight and strategies to take control in this uncertain time. This episode was recorded via Skype.

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Dealing with debt during a crisis

Debt can be debilitating. Add COVID-19 into the mix and the problem gets bigger for many. With an East-meets-West approach, this episode uncovers the debt situation in Canada as well as provides solutions to help combat this financial crisis. Join Sandy Lyons, CPA, CA, CIRP, LIT, senior manager, Licensed Insolvency Trustee at Grant Thornton Limited, Frank Fabiano, CPA, CA, CIRP, LIT, partner at Grant Thornton Limited and Robert Hunt, CIRP, LIT, managing partner at Grant Thornton Limited for an insightful conversation on dealing with debt during this difficult time. This episode was recorded via Skype.

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Tax in turbulent times

Tax season comes every year, but this year looks a bit different given the pandemic circumstances. In this episode, we talk all things tax with Fabio Bonanno, CPA, CA, principal, Taxation at CPA Canada, as he walks us through some of the government benefits available and what we need to know about tax during the COVID-19 crisis. This episode was recorded via Skype.

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Saving with volatile incomes

The pandemic has caused many to re-evaluate their financial situation and closely analyze expenses and their needs versus wants. In such unpredictability, some are even wondering what they can do now to benefit their financial situation long-term, including saving. Join entrepreneur Garth Sheriff, CPA, CA, as he shares his story on how he and his family are tracking costs during COVID-19 and provides listeners with practical strategies for saving during this volatile time. This episode was recorded via Skype.

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Investing during major market swings

COVID-19 has caused financial stress on individuals as many are worried about their investments. In this episode, Larry Short, CPA, CGA, portfolio manager and executive director, Private Client Group, at HollisWealth/ShortFinanical, helps to ease some of this worry by explaining we have seen these “unprecedented” times in the past. Larry provides insight into the situation and shares tips to investing during a market downturn. This episode was recorded via Skype (May 7, 2020) and contains some content from a previously recorded webinar, Wellness in a Time of Crisis (April 22, 2020).

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To listen to more episodes, visit the Mastering Money: The Educator’s Edition podcast page.


Cash Flow Organizer
Get a clear picture of your cash flow — what is coming in and what is going out. 

Net Worth Worksheet
Get a snapshot of what you own (your assets) and what you owe (your liabilities).

Document Organizer
Organize your documents in preparation for filing your taxes.

Financial Wellness Guide
Our interactive questionnaire helps you understand money basics and how they apply to you.

A Canadian’s Guide to Money-Smart Living (publication)
This award-winning guide will help you make money management a part of your daily life with easy action steps and self-assessment checklists.

Just the facts – Adults
Get access to educational materials targeting the diverse financial needs of adults, ranging from topics on financial statements basics to effective financial management.

Setting up an emergency fund (Financial Consumer Agency of Canada)


Avoiding fraud and identity theft in times of crisis
It’s said that a crisis brings out the best in people and, in most cases, that’s true. But there is a dark side to tough times, as fraudsters prey on people who are uncertain and looking for easy answers.

Habits to improve financial wellness
Many of us find ourselves in the same financial rut over and over again. The following blog post offers tips on improving your financial wellness.

Being financially savvy will help you sleep better at night
Financial wellness has less to do with how much money you earn, and more to do with how you manage it.

Real estate investments: How to manage your mortgage interest deductible
How do homeowners deduct their mortgage interest? Read more and find out the pros and cons.

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