CPA unification timeline: Key developments

View the key milestones of the unification of the Canadian accounting profession.

The Canadian designation, Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), is now used by Canada’s accounting profession across the country. The Canadian CPA was created with the unification of three legacy accounting designations (CA, CGA and CMA).

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2019  Jan 8 CPA legislation proclaimed in both the Northwest Territories and Nunavut


Sept 27

Unification essentially complete

May 17

CPA legislation passed in the Yukon Legislative Assembly

Apr 13

CPA legislation introduced in the Yukon Legislative Assembly


Dec 18

CPA Nova Scotia legislation receives Royal Assent

Dec 11

CPA Nova Scotia legislation passes third reading

Nov 27

CPA legislation formally merges Nova Scotia accounting bodies

Sept 1

CPA Manitoba has been established through legislation

July 1

CPA legislation proclaimed in Alberta

June 30

CPA Manitoba legislation receives Royal Assent

June 24

CPA legislation proclaimed in British Columbia

June 17

CPA Manitoba Legislation Receives Third and Final Reading

May 11

CPA legislation received Royal Assent in Nova Scotia

April 22

Unification legislation introduced in the Nova Scotia House of Assembly

April 1

CPA legislation proclaimed in Prince Edward Island

March 25

CPA legislation received Royal Assent in British Columbia

February 11

CPA legislation introduced in British Columbia


December 17

Unification legislation passed in Alberta Legislature

December 1

CPA Manitoba Joint Venture announces introduction of legislation

November 27

CPA Prince Edward Island legislation receives passage

November 25

Unification legislation introduced in Alberta Legislature

November 24

CPA Newfoundland and Labrador legislation receives passage

November 10

Saskatchewan accountants unite as CPA legislation proclaimed

October 2

It’s official! 190,000 PROS, One Designation

July 8

Three Nova Scotia bodies enter merger agreement and request new legislation

July 3

Yukon accounting bodies sign merger agreement

June 18

CPA Ontario and CGA Ontario vote to support unification

May 24

Nova Scotia’s three accounting bodies receive approval to move forward with merger agreement

May 1

New by-laws in Prince Edward Island allow members to use CPA designation

May 1

CPA Ontario and CGA Ontario release Unification Agreement – Key Terms to their members

April 23

CPA New Brunswick Legislation receives passage

April 11

CPA Bermuda legislation receives passage and amended Act now in effect


April 9

CPA Saskatchewan legislation receives passage


April 3

Nova Scotia CAs, CMAs and CGAs release merger proposal


April 2

Ontario’s CMAs now members of CPA Ontario


April 1

Three Manitoba accounting bodies sign Joint Venture Agreement


February 3

Three Ontario bodies sign MOU to unify the profession in that province


January 30

CGA Manitoba members vote to support merger agreement


December 19

Three Manitoba bodies announce merger agreement


November 11

CPA Saskatchewan announces introduction of legislation


October 17

Three Saskatchewan bodies sign Joint Venture Agreement


October 9

CPA Canada welcomes positive CGA member vote result


September 25

Three BC bodies approve joint venture plan and pass new bylaws which regulate the use of CPA designation


September 17

The P is for Professional: CPA Canada launches multi-media advertising campaign


September 16

CGA-Canada announces member vote as the Integration Agreement between CPA Canada and CGA-Canada is approved


July 9

CGA-PEI announces positive vote results


June 28

Positive vote from Alberta CAs supports three-way unification


June 27

CA and CMA bodies in Ontario announce positive vote results


June 21

Three accounting bodies in Newfoundland and Labrador sign unification agreement


June 17

CMA Manitoba and CA Manitoba sign Joint Venture Agreement and provide update on CGA Manitoba


June 6

CA and CMA bodies in Saskatchewan announce positive vote results and sign Joint Venture Agreement


May 15

ICAO and CMA Ontario release provincial unification proposal


May 9

British Columbia’s three accounting bodies sign unification proposal


April 24

CPA Canada welcomes CGA bodies return to unification talks


April 1

A new leaf: CPA Canada’s new visual identity introduced


March 22

NBICA, CMA NB and CGA-NB release provincial merger proposal


March 13

CPA Canada Bylaw published


January 1

National CPA Canada organization established


October 11

Saskatchewan CAs and CMAs release merger proposal


July 25

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nova Scotia and CMA Nova Scotia release provincial merger proposal


June 7

The ICAPEI and CMA PEI release provincial merger proposal


May 17

CGA Alberta and CMA Alberta release provincial merger proposal


May 16

Quebec legislation uniting three accounting bodies receives passage


March 28

Quebec government introduces legislation to unite ca, cma and cga ordres


March 23

Update on Manitoba member advisory vote


March 15

Newfoundland and Labrador accounting bodies release provincial merger proposal


March 15

Update on Alberta unification discussions


March 5

Saskatchewan accounting bodies release provincial merger proposal


January 24

ICABC, CMA BC and CGA-BC release provincial merger proposal


January 20

CA Manitoba and CMA Manitoba release provincial merger proposal


January 17

Canada’s three legacy accounting bodies issue Unification Framework


January 15

PEI CGAs join merger talks


December 7

Saskatchewan CGAs join merger talks


November 2

Newfoundland and Labrador CGAs enter merger discussions


November 1

Alberta CGAs join merger talks

October 28

CGA-Canada enters exploratory merger talks


October 24

CGAs in British Columbia join merger talks


October 4

Quebec CA-CMA-CGA merger update


September 16

CGAs enter exploratory merger talks in Ontario


May 24

Member consultation on unification begins and Position Paper released